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  • Evening in Tokyo


    Evening in Tokyo Eau De Parfum is inspired by the energy of the city of Tokyo where both modern and traditional culture melt into one.  Type: Fragrance Size : 9...

  • Morning in Paris


    Morning in Paris Eau De Parfum is inspired by the romance and sophistication of the city of Paris where both beauty and glamour reign.  Type: Fragrance Size : 9 ml...

  • Night in London


    Night in London Eau de Parfum is inspired by the chic and elegant spirit of London, a city where magic and majesty intertwine. Type: Fragrance Size : 9 ml

  • Activate for Men

    ₱399.00 ₱299.00

    Activate eau de toilette light fragrance for young boy with scent combination of Ozone, blended with Cardamon and Patchouli, ending by Tonka Musk which a casual, energetic and easy going....

  • I'm in Love


    Features wonderful scents of green citrus, musk and oriental giving you a fresh and delicate fragrance! Type: Fragrance Size : 55 ml

  • Rose


    Rose Eau de Parfum symbolizes the inseparable two lovebirds, with blended scent of luxury, modern and classy creating a romantic atmosphere. With the luxurious combination of alluring fragrance of muguet rose, topped...

  • Eifell


    Beautifully rounded with notes of violet, plum and musk specially formulated in Paris, France. A fragrance dedicated to fulfill the romantic side of the modern sophisticated woman. Sealed in a...

  • Princessa

    ₱579.00 ₱429.00

    Princessa is a regal blend of of fresh violets, cheerful bergamot, luxurious cedar and amber. A soft, floral scent for the princess in you!  Type: Fragrance Size : 30 ml...

  • Wanderkiss


    A charming, elegant blend of fresh peach, freesia, musk and sweet vanilla. The perfect scent to boost your confidence any time of the day! Type: Fragrance Size : 55 ml...

  • Invincible for Men


    Invincible Men Perfume with a sensation of purity and masculinity. Composed of bergamot, lemon gives a strong and refreshing aroma cedar wood gives depth and natural shades, which ended with...

  • Amour


    Dare to wear this feminine perfume made with love! Amour Eau De Parfum is a combination of the sweet aroma of vanilla, the sensual musk and the freshness of fruity allure....

  • Grey Eau De Parfum & Roll-on Duo

    ₱569.00 ₱449.00

    Enjoy 20% discount with this perfect pair! Valued at P569, Grey Duo comprises of Grey Eau de Parfum (Catalogue Price: P420) and Grey Roll-on Deodorant (Catalogue Price: P149). Buy now...

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